Oval set to score board

The Bassendean council voted at its May 25 meeting to list $45,000 for consideration in its draft 2015-16 capital budget to demolish and replace the steel structure, which is deteriorating.

A report about the scoreboard said it had �poor structural condition� and �extensive rust�, with the �base plate bolts completely rusted away�.

The scoreboard will also undergo a slight redesign, with the clock sitting alongside the scores.

Mayor John Gangell said temporary measures had been put in place to keep the structure safe until the end of the season.

�Inquiries were made about getting a temporary LED screen for the next few games but at $1000 per game it was too much,� he said.

The works should be completed during a bye in the season once the funding is included in the budget and the budget passed, which could be around July.

Swan Districts Football Club chief executive Tom Bottrell said the Town consulted with the club over its plans.

�The Town of Bassendean has been in regular contact with SDFC about possibly needing to replace the scoreboard,� he said.

�At this stage a local fabrication company has done some repairs to get through this season before further review.�