Pacing: Gloucester Park tips, Friday May 19

Pacing: Gloucester Park tips, Friday May 19

PACING writer Wayne Currall’s tips for this Friday night at Gloucester Park:

R1: OVERBOARD AGAIN; Vultan Tin; Your Excused; Three Kings.

R2: HARRY HOO; Livura; Bandar; Stroganoff.

R3: RABCHENKO; Braeview Bomber; Mcclinchie; To Infinitynbeyond.

R4: ZACH MAGUIRE; Dana Duke; Mach Time; Bettor Twisted.

R5: EYRE CRUSHER (best bet); El Hombre; Franco Rayner; Frosty Flyer.

R6: OHOKA PUNTER; Beaudiene Boaz; Heez On Fire; Simply Susational.

R7: TRICKY STYX (best double); Sheer Rocknroll; Foxy Dame; Dodolicious.

R8: NAUGHTY MARAVU; Importer Exporter; Ohoka Kentucky; Assassinator.

R9: STAR ARMBRO; Lord Willoughby; Sea Cider; El Sunami.

R10: BETTOR B CHEVRON; Susies Desire; She Could Be Good; Soho Angel.

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