Pacing: Gloucester Park tips, Friday November 3

PACING writer Wayne Currall’s tips for this Friday night at Gloucester Park:

R1: ROCKNROLL WHITBY; El Machine; Your Excused; The Storm Chief.

R2: JOHNNY DISCO; Our Zak Whitby; Tact Major; Char Do Neigh.

R3: COSTA DEL MAGNIFICO; Abraxas Blues; Soho Chelsea; Foxy Dame.

R4: AMERICANBOOTSCOOTA; Bettor Not Bitter; Three Blind Mice; Assassinator.

R5: TAS MAN BROMAC; Blinding Light; Extreme Prince; Lagoon Stride.

R6: ITZ BETTOR TO WIN; Natural Disaster; Vultan Tin; King Lebron.

R7: CHICAGO BULL (best double); Soho Tribeca; Shandale; Motu Premier.

R8: EDEN FRANCO (best bet); Brookies Jet; Extreme Times; Sea Me Smile.

R9: SIR NICHOLAS; Our Jaccka Mara; Arturus; Gangbuster.

R10: READY FOR TAKEOFF; Prince Of Whitby; Charlie El; Gunna Get Lucky.

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