Pacing: Gloucester Park tips, March 17

Pacing: Gloucester Park tips, March 17

PACING writer Wayne Currall’s tips for this Friday night at Gloucester Park:

R1: IM LISART; Questionable Gesture; Bad Round; Im Simply Red.

R2: ALFS ODYSSEY; El Hombre; Straittothebar; Debt Free Charlie.

R3: GALACTIC STAR (best bet); Letztorqueaboutyou; Twoandahalf Tigers; Gaz Wannabet.

R4: SHEER ROCKNROLL; James Galleon; Superimposed; Max Meridius.

R5: MITCH MAGUIRE; Herrick Roosevelt; Im Rockaria; Im The Best.

R6: OUR REGAL IDEAL; Red Salute; Bronze Seeker; Fernleigh Rebel.

R7: KIWI LEGEND; Im Full Of Excuses; American Boy; Risk.

R8: WALKABOUT CREEK; Cogeday; Calais; All The Torque.

R9: TOMMY BE GOOD (best double); Aussie Delight; Eastwood Factor; Gotta Go Chocolate.

R10: RACEY AMERICAN; Its My Lucknow; Nothing In Between; Lisdelight.