Pacing: tips for Gloucester Park, March 3

Pacing: tips for Gloucester Park, March 3

PACING writer Wayne Currall’s tips for this Friday night at Gloucester Park:

R1: MILITARY MASTER; Rich Yankee; Courageous Disco; Mister Versace.

R2: STUNIN EYES ONLY; Shes Artful; Allthewaytothebank; Grangewood Red.

R3: BUNGALOW BILL; Bronze Seeker; Twoandahalf Tigers; Our Regal Ideal.

R4: ATLASTALONE; Char Do Neigh; New World Order; Im Lisart.

R5: CONDRIEU; Lagoon Stride; Lisharry; Courage Tells.

R6: RED HOT ROXY (best bet); Betshes Precious; Milliondollahanova; Beach Goddess.

R7: BOB WHEEL; Hes Royal Blue; The Beachcomber; Let It Roll.

R8: FIFTH EDITION; Blinding Light; Our Jaccka Mara; Mantoman.

R9: JAMES GALLEON (best double); A Force In Action; Tommy Be Good; Gotta Go Chocolate.

R10: FOXY DAME; Questionable Gesture; Messi; El Hombre.