Veteran not ready to Chuck it in yet

The familiar face of Chuck Hughes.
The familiar face of Chuck Hughes.

Chuck has been collecting game fees from thousands of basketball players from his small tin shed for the past 16 years. He thanks them for the money and stamps their hands to signify to the referees that they are ‘right to play’.

Mr Helena resident and friend Lance Elliot said the veteran did a great job.

‘He works out of a tin shed box with a cut-out opening in the front and an entry hole on one side,’ Mr Elliot said.

‘He has collected money from basketball players on Tuesday and Friday nights from his ‘office’ for years.’

Chuck is one of the many volunteers who keep the sport of basketball alive in the Hills and loves his job.

‘Chuck’s patrons range in age from about nine to 40 and he knows almost all of their faces,’ Mr Elliot said.

‘Still, he is first to admit remembering all their names is a bit of a stretch.’

Some may remember Chuck from his band ” the Chuckadees ” who played country rock at pubs and clubs across the region from the 70s to the 90s. More recently, he has played market and community gigs.

Mr Elliot said Chuck had recently suffered from lower back problems that resulted in a number of vertebrae having to be fused. He now walks with the assistance of two canes.

‘When you have been around so long, have a kind word with everybody and operate out of such humble abode you get know everybody ” and everybody knows Chuck.’

His service the basketball in the Hills is appreciated by all who know him.