Craigie Hot Bread Shop baker still loves working at 70

Bakers Lou and Jennie.
Bakers Lou and Jennie.

LOUIS Aram (70) has been a baker for 56 years and still works seven days a week in the Craigie store he has owned for 31 years.

Mr Aram and his wife Jennie work seven and six days a week respectively in the Craigie Hot Bread Shop at Craigie Plaza.

“I play golf twice a week, work 60 hours a week and love what I do,” he said.

“My wife runs the front of the shop and I run the back.”

The bakery employs about eight part-time workers.

Mr Aram said they had seen a lot of change over the past three decades.

Originally he just made bread, but had gradually expanded the range to include pies, pastries, sausage rolls, breakfast, coffee and cakes. His most popular product is the one he most enjoys making.

“I like making my vanilla slice – when you bite it, it’s really crispy,” Mr Aram said.

The store opens at 5.30am and he said the bacon and egg roll was popular with tradespeople.

“We go through about 40kg of bacon a week. I make a very nice salad roll with ham, beef or fresh chicken,” he said.

His advice for small business owners was to do what they know.

“You’ve got to be dedicated to doing it; you’ve got to enjoy it and you’ve got to know what you are doing,” he said.