Empowering women to take fitness online

Dominique Fletche is helping mums like her make time for fitness and mindfulness.
Dominique Fletche is helping mums like her make time for fitness and mindfulness.

EDGEWATER mum Dominique Fletcher is helping others take back control of their health and wellbeing.

For 10 years, Mrs Fletcher has been coaching and training women with their mind and body fitness.

Then she became a mother-of-two and her life changed.

“Motherhood completely took me by surprise,” she said.

“I had no idea or the appreciation of how rewarding it can be but also how fulltime and intense it can be, filled with so many emotions on a daily basis and the need to do it all.

“I had been suffering from anxiety for a long time but had not identified it until I entered motherhood.

“I have been through some extreme lows but through these lows, I am grateful as it’s through my journey back to feeling like me that I have learnt so much.

“I know it is my calling in life to help and inspire women to feel themselves and identify their authenticity.”

Dominique Fletcher with her children Indie and Charlie.

In a bid to help women and fellow mums to “unlock their strength and break down their barriers”, Mrs Fletcher has launched an online fitness business.

“I missed being able to help as many women as I used to and I know it is my calling to put myself out there and help women take back control of their wellbeing journey,” she said

“Fitness and health should be looked upon in a holistic way and should incorporate mind, body and soul.

“For the best and most sustainable results, mindset should be the real focus, developing the ability to cope with anything that comes your way.”

Magic Fitness offers a range of services including kick-starting wellbeing, weekly workouts delivered through an app tailored to time commitments and schedules, and accountability coaching.

“I want to inspire people to make a change, live the best version of themselves and not accept feeling depleted and overwhelmed but energised,” Mrs Fletcher said.

“Self love must be the foundation to life and something we inspire in other women.

“It’s time for us to schedule in some time to exercise and combat the effects of daily stress.”

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