Former Ocean Reef actress to release debut album with Off-Broadway show

Kristen Plati's debut album Find Me Lost to be released on March 6.
Kristen Plati's debut album Find Me Lost to be released on March 6.

ACTRESS and model Kristen Plati is completing the trifecta with the release of her debut album Find Me Lost.

The former Ocean Reef resident, who now lives in New York, is emerging as a singer-songwriter who will be known for her powerful soul-filled pop sound.

The day before the album’s release on March 6, Plati will perform her own Off-Broadway show debuting the music.

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The songs are a personal musical journey of self-discovery through love, loss, heartbreak and finding confidence.

Plati said she started singing lessons at five years old and was “immediately hooked”, taking to the stage soon after.

She sang in choruses and solo in shows, concerts and competitions around Perth, and studied various musical instruments including piano.

She also attended the WA Academy of Performing Arts where she earned an Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Voice and a Certificate II in Musical Theatre.

Unsure of what area within music she most wanted to pursue, Plati moved to New York to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where she earned her Associates Degree in Acting.

“On one particularly challenging day, I set up a small keyboard in my tiny apartment and began pouring my heart out, spending hours lost in melody and lyrics,” she said.

“After exploring everything from musical theatre to R&B and pop, I began to discover my sound that translates across various genres and stylings.”

Since then, Plati has continued to develop her songwriting skills and perform across the city.

She said she is now excited to share her debut album.

“It is 100 per cent original music written by me and it’s something I am incredibly proud of,” she said.

She now plans to tour and continue writing original material.