Joondalup Community Art Association opens inaugural Youth Portrait Selection Exhibition

Cheranne Heyworth, Food.
Cheranne Heyworth, Food.

THE Joondalup Community Art Association opened its inaugural Youth Portrait Selection Exhibition on Friday.

Showing at the Joondalup Art Gallery, the exhibition features portraits from 27 young art students representing eight high schools and five primary schools.

Exhibition curator Annette Peterson, who has been teaching art classes at the gallery for four years, said she had been asked to organise the event when she first joined the JCAA board.

Amelia Donahue, Amelia. Highly commended for eight to 12 years.

“The event was initially created to cater for students north of the river and to include artists under the age of 12,” she said.

“Then there was an amazing opportunity here at the Joondalup Art Gallery to make the most of the situation and offer an exhibition for students eight to 18.”

Judging the work was Vic Park Arts Centre chairwoman Stephanie Reisch, who Peterson said was major contributor to the Nedlands Emerge Art Awards.

Polina Orlova, Freedom.

“It was such an honour to have such a well-known artist judging and an artist who has had so much to with students,” she said.

“It has made the event so professional and all those who have been selected in the Youth Portrait Selection Exhibition should feel very proud to be a part of this.”

She said the JCAA had already decided to make it an annual event.

Ceryus Jones, Back at Ya.

”It can only get bigger from here,” she said.

“The artwork submitted is of such a high standard and I am confident this will become an event that all students will want to be a part of.”

The exhibition is open until October 6.

Gallery hours are Tuesdays to Thursdays from 10am to 2pm and Fridays 10.30am to 2.30pm or book an appointment by calling Joondalup Art Gallery on 9300 3088 or Annette on 0437 804 791.

Edie Bushby, Edie Bushby.
Ruby Peterson, Double-Sided.
Jereyn Huntley, Fragmented. Exceptional work for eight to 12 years.
Ryan Watson, Self Portrait. Commended for 13 to 18 years.