Students shine at Sacred Heart College Year 12 ball

Tessa Covich, Madeleine Hall and Grace Massey.
Tessa Covich, Madeleine Hall and Grace Massey.

SACRED Heart College in Sorrento chose the start of the year to hold its Year 12 school ball at Joondalup Resort.

Decorated in white, gold and silver, the Lakeview Ballroom was filled with 273 students and 45 staff members.

“Everyone arrived at the resort excited for the long-awaited event and looking their best,” ball committee member and Year 12 student Caoimhe Gollan said.

“The ball was fantastic, with everyone on the dance floor and the organisation of a photo booth and lolly table.

“It was such a memorable experience and on behalf of the Year 12 students, I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Goh, Mrs Reynders and Ms Carroll for organising and planning our wonderful night.”

Head boy Nicholas Shaw added that the ball was “hands down the greatest highlight of my schooling life”.

“It was so incredible to see everyone dressed up, having a good time and celebrating how much we have grown as a year group,” he said.

Cameron Penney and Alesha Nguyen.
Joshua Fallows and Caitlin Butler.
Louella Eaton, Ailish Norman, Angelica Waszewski and Stryker Ashman.
Mark Wooldridge and Rachel Hockton.
Jake Parrotte, Jake Puttins, Robert McAdam, Tristan Meakins, Benjamin Pieters, Jay Cutler, James Cleaver and Jordan Sarapunas.
Daniel Acott, Thomas Woodall, Dean Keating and Tristan Meakins.
Morgan Knox-Lee and Prea Cunningham.
Ethan Slaven, Dylan Fellows, Jeremy Elliott, Liam Watts, Harrison Doorey, Paul Krsticevic and Will Hunt.
Miranda Leeming, Dylan Fellows, Jack Gilbert, Will Hunt and Alesha Nguyen.
Heather MacLean and Grace Light.
Principal Peter Bothe with students and staff who attend the Mary MacKillop Centre.
Callum Winter, Cynthia Re, Blake Murphy, Sophie Buckingham, Callum Richardson, Chloe Robinson, Fraser Majid, Isabella Polijakovic, Louise Foster, Willow Moscarda and Luke Van Maanen.
Ellysia Clemente, Sian Cruse, Chelsea D’Arachy, Ella Kolomyjec, Emily Brackenreg, Siena Marchesani and Madelyn Sumner.