Abbott had Moore MHR Ian Goodenough’��s vote in leadership spill

MOORE MHR Ian Goodenough stood by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in Monday night’s leadership spill.

“I supported Tony Abbott in the leadership ballot,” Mr Goodenough told the Weekender yesterday.

“I posted on Twitter a couple of hours beforehand: ‘My loyalty remains with PM Tony Abbott – he has the character, values and integrity to lead Australia. Now is not the time to cut and run’.”

It capped off a busy time for Mr Goodenough who, as Deputy Speaker in the House of Representatives last Thursday, asked Labor’s Warren Snowdon to resume his seat after Mr Snowdon said Foreign Minister Julie Bishop should “shut her big fat trap”.

“I assumed the chair midway through Mr Snowdon’s speech and although his remark was ill-mannered, it did not contain profanity that would have warranted immediate action,” Mr Goodenough said.

“In the cut-and-thrust and rapidity of proceedings there sometimes is a fine line between intervening.“In hindsight, perhaps I could have acted earlier. Mr Snowdon did withdraw (barely audible) his statement after the Parliamentary Secretary raised a point of order a short time later.”