Beldon: flare burns through roof ends up in hallway

The damage to the ceiling.
The damage to the ceiling.

A FLARE struck a Beldon home with such force it burned through the roof and ceiling before fizzling out on the resident’s hallway floor on Tuesday night.

Cumberland Way resident, Maria, who did not want her surname published, said attending police officers called the bomb squad for advice because they were concerned at the volatility of the explosive.

The remnants of the flare.

The incident happened about 8.20pm.

“I was just watching television in my room and there was a great big explosion up stairs,” she said.

“I’ve gone and had a look and there was a big hole in the ceiling and a pipe on the ground.

“It was quite a scary situation.”

The woman had no idea where the flare came from and wanted to know if any other residents had recent issues with the projectiles being recklessly shot in suburban areas.

She said the police nor the fire crew she called had ever seen a flare explode through a roof before.

The damage to the roof.

The officers told her it was an old flare, which is why they sought help from the bomb squad.

“It could have been so bad, I live in front of a BP… it could have gone to the petrol station,” she said.

“If it had have been just a few metres over it would have landed on me.

“What the hell’s going on with people to do stuff like that?”

A Department of Fire and Emergency Services spokeswoman confirmed officers attended.

Police have been contacted for comment.