Beldon Residents Association to host car boot sale despite obstacles

Beldon Park. Picture: Martin Kennealey
Beldon Park. Picture: Martin Kennealey

THE Beldon Residents Association is hosting its first carboot sale this Saturday.

The community is invited to Beldon Park where there will be 22 cars and two vendor vans from 8am to noon.

However, committee member Rebecca Mason said it had not been easy to organise.

She said the association had been advised that cars must park in the carpark and not on the park.

“This is dangerous as that is where all the big trucks do deliveries to Woolworths at the same time as our carboot sale,” she said.

“We have even suggested that we place all the cars to the west of the toilet block, meaning it is away from the playing field.”

She questioned why the association could not park cars on the grass when Joondalup United Football Club were “able to have a fun day on the park with vendor vans and cars” in March last year.

In a response from the City of Joondalup, it said it was “aware of a family fun day” held by the soccer club but “no approval was sought or provided relating to vehicle access on the park”.

At the February 20 council meeting, Ms Mason submitted a 126-signature petition to “revoke the decision to not let us use the park to park cars on for the car boot sale”.

“Please allow us as a community to hold the car boot sale on the park, rather than in the car park behind a shopping centre, which is where the city has given us permission to hold it,” she said.

However, because the next council meeting is not until March 20, the petition cannot be processed before this Saturday’s event.

The City’s response said there was a preference to “restrict vehicle access onto parks where possible due to the associated safety and damage risks”.

“As there was also a viable alternative available (car bays adjacent to the park) the City declined the group’s request,” it said.

“The City continues to work with the Beldon Residents Association to identify viable (safe) alternatives to host the event.”


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