Belridge Secondary College education assistant in line for top education award

Belridge Secondary College education assistant Susan Deane. Picture: Martin Kennealey
Belridge Secondary College education assistant Susan Deane. Picture: Martin Kennealey

A BELDON education assistant is among the northern suburbs finalists for this year’s WA Education Awards.

Belridge Secondary College’s Susan Deane is one of four finalists for the WA education assistant of the year category in the November awards.

“By converting worksheets, hand-outs, tables and diagrams into Braille, Ms Deane is ensuring a student is working at the same pace as the rest of the students in class,” Education Minister Peter Collier said.

“She also runs alongside him as a guide in school athletics carnivals.”

Belridge principal John Burke said the inclusive school took pride in meeting the educational needs of all students.

Mr Burke said since Miss Deane joined the college in 2011, she had worked with teachers across year groups and learning areas to support students with vision impairments and create safe learning environments.

“Sue Deane is an outstanding human being who has made a significant difference to the lives of the students that she has worked with,” he said.

“Sue looks at disability through the lens of what is possible, not what can’t happen.

“The school is a better place for her being here.”

Having left property management to become an education assistant eight years ago, Miss Deane worked at the Belridge Education Support Centre for two years before transferring to the mainstream college.

Staff from two northern suburb schools are finalists in the school services staff member of the year category: Sue Barr from Ocean Reef Primary School and Lesley Wellington from Woodvale Secondary College.

Joondalup Primary School principal Russell Hahn is a finalist for his category and Ashdale Secondary College, in Darch, is a secondary school of the year finalist.

Students, parents and community members also nominated almost 300 teachers at 60 local schools for the people’s choice award, with 31 of those at Ashdale Secondary College.

Winners will be announced on November 28.

People’s Choice Award nominations

Alinjarra Primary School (Alexander Heights): Kerrie Barker.

Ashdale Secondary College (Darch): Leisa Aitken, Laura Bateson, Hannah Beccarelli, Donna Brigden, Kathleen Butler, Jaime English, Caroline Frank, Michael Griesser, David Hamlin, Daniel Hoath, Julie Hughes, Renae Jackson, Kirti Lalji, Mia Lennox, Jessica Lewis, Kung-Meng Lo, Sharon Lyon, Nicole McMullen, Nitesh Patel, Sara Perryman, Adam Rains, Adam Robinson-Esparon, Kareem Rouda, Emma Smith, Matthew Titmanis, Sanette Van der Merwe, Anita Verhouven, Anthony Williams, Ashley Wright, Debbie Yates, Fiona Zimmermann.

Bambara Primary School: Shelley Harrington-Fielding, Shelley Smith.

Banksia Grove Primary School: Vanessa Ameduri, Martin Humphreys, Carol Towie, Peta Zarins.

Beaumaris Primary School (Ocean Reef): Rebekah Brand, Monika Brown, Tanya Edgar, Kristy Woodyard.

Beldon Primary School: Bradley Cecins, Nolene Christiansen, Cheree Kininmonth, Peter Williams, Pamela Wilmott.

Belridge Secondary Education Support Centre (Beldon): Jenine Wall.

Belridge Secondary College (Beldon): Joanne Baker, John Burke, Heather Currie, Cheryl Dastlik, Melissa Di Florio, Narae Donegan, Anna Dyer, Rebecca Edmonds, Heather Ferreri, Nicola Harris, Chloe Ironmonger, Audra Keeble, Virginia Linto, Mary Marriott, Carol Monks, Ashley Mouritz, Carlos Notarpietro, Edna Pivetta, Nicole Rennie, Lisa Soloway, Hal Spedding, Petra Trinke.

Burbridge School (Koondoola): Tanya Brown, Catherine Kapiteyn.

Carramar Primary School: Lauren Andrew, Mishelle Delcaro, Kerryn Ellis, Philippa Perry, Amy Sinclair.

Connolly Primary School: Tina Bartley, Helen Fabri, Patricia Fong, Christine Richards, Stephanie Wolfe, David Womersley.

Craigie Heights Primary School: Jean Spiteri.

Creaney Education Support Centre (Kingsley): Jennifer Andrews, Kylee Fallon, Karin Green, Wendy Porch.

Creaney Primary School (Kingsley): Susan Beardshaw, Alexandra Collins, Christopher Dowding, Samantha McCulloch, Dearn McMurray, Donna Sandford, Erin Sansalone.

Currambine Primary School: Paul Davey, Michelle Drage, Belinda Fernandez, Jessica Veness.

Dalmain Primary School (Kingsley): Nola Archibald, Suzanne Orchard, Kirsten Perry, Michele Suddell.

Davallia Primary School (Duncraig): Shannen Watts.

Duncraig Primary School: Lisa Becker, Lindsay Calton, Louise Oldroyd, Alison Plummer.

Duncraig Secondary Education Support Centre: Carol Clarke, Olivia Grose, Sarah Hills.

Duncraig Senior High School: Sasha Brennan, Elizabeth Clark, Leah Reynolds.

East Wanneroo Primary School: Natalie Anderson.

Eddystone Primary School (Heathridge): Glen Bewick, Alec Kanganas, Bethwyn Smith, Jasmin Smith.

Edgewater Primary School: Marilyn Bruce.

Girrawheen Senior High School: Melinda Allen, Alan Hughes, Simon Lee, Garry Noack.

Glengarry Primary School (Duncraig): Cassie Barnett, Jill Buckenara, Lisa Dark, Rikki Gale, Peter Meston, Marilyn Povey, Rebecca Randford, Fiona Spencer.

Goollelal Primary School (Kingsley): Alexis Poczwa.

Greenwood College: Shannon Palmer, Murray Williams.

Greenwood Primary School: Marie Clifton, Sandra Dias, Lindsey Easom, Naomi Miles, Maureen Perry, Pamela Stockden, Amanda Vicary.

Halidon Primary School (Kingsley): Maryanne Williamson.

Hawker Park Primary School (Warwick): Mirella Barilla, Pamela Barnes, Lauren Chambers, Emma Dobson, Andrew Etheridge, Elizabeth Everall, Tracey Jensen, Tess Jones, Beverley Percy, Irma Roberts, Rosemary Smith, Lois Watt, Bradley Whitaker.

Heathridge Primary School: Lindsay Bolton, Monica Chester, Alexandra Dallo, Faye Malone, Amanda Pickersgill, Ashlea Wilkins, Erica Zis.

Hillarys Primary School: Karen Armstrong, Nola Gibson, Julie Tapscott, Savanah Walmsley.

Hocking Primary School: Lynn Bartucciotto, Melissa Catchpole, Steven Dickson, Yvonne Fitzgerald, Natasha Gudden, Julie Jackson, Taryn McKay, Susan Safe, Louise Schoonens.

Joondalup Education Support Centre: Jemima Barr, Pamela Harrison, Susan Masterton, Linda Moore,Suzanne Norman, Brianna Wimbridge.

Joondalup Primary School: Michael Bibby, Lana Cowcher, Joe Ferraloro, Michelle Goodridge, Russell Hahn, Natalie Hales, Melissa Hunt, Jodie Ireland, Skye Mercer, Shannon Read, Catherine Scott, Sonya Strating, Helen Sweet, Stacey Young.

Joseph Banks Secondary College: Anthony Balcombe, Steven Mihaljevich, Melanie Moore, Paul Muir, Luke Raynsford, Lisa Te Aho.

Kingsley Primary School: Chloe Clift.

Kinross College: Steven Adcock, Emma Brierley, Rodney Buckenara, David Davies, Emma Drummond, Tamara Murphy, Jessica Osmond, Timothy Swallow, Zoe Wagner.

Landsdale Primary School: Stephanie Greyling, Amanda Payne, Louise Wickes.

Madeley Primary School: Kasey Kirov, Libby Waddell.

Marangaroo Primary School: Nicole Hanna.

Mullaloo Beach Primary School: Tahryn Barnes.

North Woodvale Primary School: Simone Downey, Adam Sibson, Michael Zyrucha.

Ocean Reef Senior High School: Victoria Green.

Pearsall Primary School: Gary Payne.

Poseidon Primary School: Biljana Wright.

Rawlinson Primary School (Marangaroo): Eileen Fielding, Ashley Schroeder, Gary Stoneman, Sarah Vanos, Davina Wiltshire.

Roseworth Education Support Centre (Girrawheen): Janet Dermedgoglou.

Roseworth Primary School (Girrawheen): Kyle Doughty, Kristy Hawkey, Julie Reynolds, Scott Tapper.

Sorrento Primary School: Maria Diamond, Donna Ebert, Amanda Murphy, Sharon Tilbrook.

South Padbury Primary School: Rulan Whietfoot

Spring Hill Primary School (Tapping): Fiona Driscoll, Gareth James, Lauren Jones, Aaron Pye.

Tapping Primary School: Sarah Goodliffe, Colleen Hawke-Linsley, Nicole Luca, Heath McQuade, Katie Richards.

Wanneroo Primary School: Debbie Edwards, Amy Holloway, Maria Ioppolo, Lianne Kenna, Elizabeth Payton.

Wanneroo Secondary College: Elizabeth Bailey, Amanda Barnes, Matthew Bell, Jennifer Bottomley, Dale Brown, Dayna Brown, Jessica Flegg, Karl Hambleton, Tejinder Kaur, Ivan Lucic-Jozak, Claire McIlroy, Kellie Noakes, Anita O’Brien, Ria Peet, Jacqueline Sargent, Pauline White.

Warwick Senior High School: Kirstie Giglia, Graham Johnson, Andrew Neho , Glenn Osborne, Nathan Trengove.

West Greenwood Primary School: Michaela Williams, Robyn True.

Woodvale Primary School: Douglas Alver, Fiona Boath, Donna Hamer, Liane Hogan.

Woodvale Secondary College: Samantha Ashman, Darin Carter, Patrina Cole, Deborah Edwards, Philip Mullane, Margaret Saunders, Richelle Tiedke, Stephanie Todorovski, Karen Vardy, Paula Warr.