Bly finds saving grace in his art

SALVATION is real for award-winning Craigie artist Trevor Bly.

One of the works he submitted with long-time friend Patrick Doherty for this year’s City of Joondalup invitation art award features a print screen of the word salvation. What did it mean to him?

“I graduated from Craigie High School in 1996. I didn’t think I was doing anything else but art, that was the goal. I guess the whole idea of living off the art work by making something of where I came from, Craigie; that’s the salvation in it all. That suburb is where I grew up it’s my neighbourhood. I know all about it, I’m still there now. A lot of people write it off and I understand why. But still. To have those relationships and connections; I don’t want to get too kind of arty but it is kind of that church, connection, my spirituality you have with a neighbourhood or place.”