Burns Beach blogger gets fundraising kick start for first novel

Lisa Shearon
Lisa Shearon

A PERTH blogger known as The Notorious MUM plans to publish her first book this year after having a fundraising kick start online.

When Lisa Shearon initially set a Kickstarter goal of $5000 to publish her first novel, she never imagined it would be met within 48 hours and has since raised more than $7000.

Ms Shearon said she was overwhelmed by the community support for her campaign to publish A Beginner’s Guide to Running.

“The campaign’s been amazing,” the Burns Beach resident said.

“I don’t know if it’s because I’m giving away chocolate brownies or because my mum’s offering to do people’s ironing, but it’s really taken off.

“Having smashed the $5000 goal, I’d love to raise enough now to throw a launch party and get a local artist on board for the front cover.”

A blogger for the past four years, Ms Shearon has a candid and humorous take on parenthood.

“This book was written for the mums who are a little bit left of centre, a little bit awkward, a little bit forgetful,” she said.

“They lose track of free-dress days, they take their children to school on the wrong kindy day and they put anchovies instead of oranges into crunch ‘n’ sip containers.

“They are not super mum; they are not hashtag blessed.

“They’re just a girl, standing in front of the clock, counting down the minutes until bedtime.”

Unlike the title suggests, the novel isn’t actually about running, but rather a slightly awkward woman’s struggle to figure out where she fits after her controlling husband dies.

Ms Shearon plans to self-publish the book, which will be wholly produced in WA, in late 2018.