City gives green light to clubrooms refurbishment

The tender was awarded to CPD Group.

Works will include refurbishment of the activity room and Lesser Hall, new storerooms and installation of solar panels and security screens on all windows and doors.

Cr John Chester said the project was “well under budget” ($650,000) even with the additional works requested by facility users.

Mayor Troy Pickard said the project was a good example of the City working with sporting groups, clubs and users of the facility and being flexible to make changes to achieve the desired outcome.

“Not only did we make significant modifications to ensure the toilets and changeroom facilities are more practical for the sporting clubs, as well as catering for the needs of umpires, but we’ve also managed to squeeze in a much-needed extension to storage facilities,” he said.

Tenders were open from September 26 to October 14, with seven submissions received.