City of Joondalup seeks feedback on 14 planning applications in Heathridge

Littorina Avenue Heathridge. Picture: Martin Kennealey
Littorina Avenue Heathridge. Picture: Martin Kennealey

CITY of Joondalup is seeking feedback on a planning application for 14 apartments across 50 and 52 Littorina Avenue in Heathridge.

The application is seeking discretion in some areas, including building height, setbacks, boundary wall length, on-site visitor car parking bays and retaining.

Consultation runs until June 11.

Make submissions to or to PO Box 21, Joondalup, WA 6919.

The application is one of 14 currently being advertised for community consultation.

Artist impression of the proposed 14 apartments on Littorina Avenue in Heathridge.

Most of them are for between one and three grouped dwellings in Craigie, Duncraig, Hillarys, Greenwood and Padbury.

However, there is an application for five two-storey grouped dwellings at 2 Ruthven Place in Duncraig.


Ruthven Place in Duncraig. Picture: Martin Kennealey

It is seeking discretion in regards to setbacks, boundary walls, the fence height, retaining, outdoor living areas and an outbuilding.

Consultation runs until June 12.

The application for 14 apartments across 1 and 3 Chipala Court in Edgewater is also being re-visited.

In September, the council deferred its decision on a proposal to allow the applicant to amend the design to address concerns raised.

The applicant appealed the decision at the State Administrative Tribunal, where the process is continuing.

In the meantime, the applicant has submitted a revised application for the 14 apartments and applied for it to be determined by the North-West Joint Development Assessment Panel.

Artist impression of the proposed 14 apartments on Chipala Court in Edgewater.

However, the original application still requires a council determination.

The applicant has requested the revised plans also be considered as the amended proposal for the original application, therefore the plans for both are now the same and are being advertised for consultation.

The revised application is still seeking some discretions including floor area, building height, setbacks, car parking, retaining and vehicle sightlines.

Consultation runs until June 20.

All applications up for community consultation are at

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