City of Joondalup wants feedback on parking in Joondalup city centre

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THE City of Joondalup is consulting with the local community about parking conditions in the Joondalup city centre.

The City is seeking feedback on how people use the parking and how it impacts them.

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The consultation also looks at the possibility of short-term free parking and how that could affect customers, businesses or parking and transport behaviour.

Two online surveys will be on the City’s website until March 14, with one for business owners in the Joondalup city centre and one for other members of the community and stakeholders.

Paid parking has been in place in the city centre since 2008, in response to community concerns, and currently applies weekdays between 8am and 6pm.

The intention was also to help local businesses in supplying convenient parking for customers by encouraging a higher turnover in bay use.

Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said the City was continually looking at ways to drive economic growth in the city centre, particularly in the areas of hospitality and tourism.

“I encourage business-owners, local residents and visitors to have their say by participating in the online surveys,” he said.

On-site interviews and telephone surveys will also form part of the consultation process.

A review of the feedback will then be presented to the council later this year.