Donate clothes to Salvation Army to help people in need

Joondalup Salvation Army store manager Nikola Baric and area manager Cheryl McDonnell. Picture: Marie Nirme d443458
Joondalup Salvation Army store manager Nikola Baric and area manager Cheryl McDonnell. Picture: Marie Nirme d443458

SALVOS Stores regional manager Sean Burgess has urged the community to take part in the City of Joondalup’s inaugural charity clothing drive this Saturday.

“Donations will assist in supporting the many welfare programs run by the Salvation Army, including soup kitchens, men’s and women’s shelters, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, emergency services support and support for victims of domestic dispute,” he said.

“Our organisation sees this clothing drive as a great opportunity for the community to assist in raising funds whilst at the same time recycling unwanted items and reducing landfill.”

Salvos Stores and St Vincent de Paul Society will collect donations from 9am to 2pm at Craigie Leisure Centre and the City’s administration building.

The event was announced late last month after the council’s decision in June to ban charity bins on public land.

At the time, there were 76 charity bins at 19 City-owned locations belonging to Good Samaritan Industries, Para-Quad Industries/Spine and Limb Foundation and Anglicare WA.

Four charities were scheduled to take part in the event but two have pulled out.

ParaQuad Industries/ Spine and Limb Foundation bin manager Joe Tuson said the charity had decided to appeal the council’s bin ban at the State Administrative Tribunal.

“Because we have made this decision, understandably the Mayor has ruled us not eligible to take part,” he said.

He said the appeal was independent of the Good Samaritan Industries’ appeal of the same decision, which went to a directions hearing on August 28 and was adjourned to this Friday.

“We have always been, and still are, in favour of a co-operative relationship will all members of the community, which includes local government, shopping centres, schools, every member of the community and even households,” Mr Tuson said.

“If the appeal does not yield the result we want and if City of Joondalup still wants to co-operate with us in our work, we would be very pleased to take part in whatever they come up with (in the future).”

Anglicare WA op-shops manager Lorraine Duffy said she did not have the logistical capacity to take part in the event in the short time the charity was given.

“It is a great idea but we needed more time and more promotion leading up to the event,” she said.

“Being on a Saturday, it is quite hard to find volunteers available and warehouse staff who don’t normally work a Saturday.”

She said the charity was keen to be involved in the next event.

Charity clothing drive, September 19

What to bring:

Clothing, textiles, towels and bed linen.

What not to bring:

Non-textiles, furniture, white goods, hazardous waste or electronic waste (TVs, computer equipment).