Connolly Residents Association and Joondalup Resort hosting forum on proposed $100m Joondalup performing arts centre

An artist's impression of the proposed Joondalup
An artist's impression of the proposed Joondalup

THE Connolly Residents Association and Joondalup Resort are hosting an information evening to discuss the proposed $100 million Joondalup performing arts centre.

The free event has been advertised as outlining concerns about the cost to City of Joondalup ratepayers over “the next 30-plus years”.

Beldon resident Nicky Dangar said the meeting was “to facilitate improved channels for the information to get to the people who need to make informed decisions”.

Joondalup Resort chief executive Wayne Carroll said he was happy to supply the venue and about 100 people so far had said they were attending.

“I don’t have a problem with building a performing arts centre but I think the scale is too big,” he said.

“Many years ago it was proposed at $30 million; it was small and just for performing arts.

“Now they are expanding in to all sorts of commercial activities and that does impose competition for us.

“We don’t have a theatre but they’re talking about targeting conferences and car launches, which we can do here.”

Mr Carroll, who is also a City of Joondalup ratepayer, said he was “not knocking” the performing arts centre because he still believed it was a great idea.

“We need more in the area,” he said.

“All major cities in the US have town halls; we need something.”

The information evening will be held from 7.15pm on Monday, May 8 in the Joondalup Resort’s Lakeview Ballroom.

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