Council replacing old lifts

Library users will need to use the Civic Centre lift, located in the underground carpark, to get from the basement carpark to the ground-floor lobby of the Civic Centre and then make their way across to the library.

The library lift is one of four hydraulically operated lifts being replaced during the first half of the year with modern electronic models.

A second lift at Joondalup Library, which provides access to the lower-ground local history reference section, will be replaced between May 17 and July 5.

Patrons who require lift access to the reference library during this time will need to ask staff for help.

The Civic Centre lift will be replaced between May 23 and July 8 and may affect some people attending council meetings, citizenship ceremonies and events.

Those patrons should park in the staff carpark on Boas Avenue and enter the Joondalup Reception Centre via the side entrance. An internal lift will then take them to the first floor of the Civic Centre building.