Doorstep service for medical tests

BONE scans and fitness tests are usually reserved for labs but Scarborough resident Jarrad White has a unique mobile business that can deliver these services to people’s doorstep.

After five years as a physiotherapist, Mr White had the idea for the niche service Metabolic Measures when he noticed health tests were not very convenient for the average consumer.

“In Perth, the barrier to this type of service was mainly geography,” he said.

“So we are offering it at an affordable price point and we can come to the clients so it’s convenient for people.

“We can bring it to the gyms, schools, to clinics and to private industries as opposed to people going off-site to have the scans done.

“We are the only ones who offer a bone density and body composition test as a mobile service.”

Mr White teamed up with former colleague Joel Canning and bought a Winnebago, which they converted into the Metabolic Measures workspace in only eight weeks.

Metabolic Measures offers a range of scans and tests including fat, muscle and bone scans as well as VO2 max fitness testing.

Mr White said the visceral fat scan they offered was vital in predicting obesity-related diseases.

“Australia has a huge obesity problem so the visceral fat, the fat that sits around the organs in abdominal cavity, can predict heart disease, stroke, diabetes coronary artery disease early on,” he said.

Mr Canning, the operatios manager, said they also offered a test that could help those looking to lose weight or optimise their fitness goals.

“We can tell the patients how many calories they burn at rest with the RMR test,” Mr Canning said.

“This can help people determine how many calories they need to eat to lose weight or gain lean muscle mass instead of just guessing.”

The pair said they were also working with sport science students, schools, the aged care industry and even remote communities in future.

“It would be great to get some data from indigenous communities and we could also partner with universities to get some studies underway,” Mr White said.

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