Fatal Hillarys motorbike crash: Family wants answers

Paul Winfield is looking for witnesses to his brother’s death.
Picture: Bruce Hunt
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Paul Winfield is looking for witnesses to his brother’s death. Picture: Bruce Hunt www.communitypix.com.au d464467

THE anguish of losing his brother in a Hillarys motorcycle crash is only worsened by unanswered questions around his death for Paul Winfield and his family.

Adam Winfield (41) was riding a Harley Davidson on Waterford Drive when he lost control and struck a parked Toyota Rav4 at the front of a home about 3pm near Campbell Drive on October 20.

He died on November 14.

Police have put the fatality down to speed but are still investigating the incident.

A resident who ran outside to help Adam told the Winfields there was another man on a motorbike nearby but he left without assisting in the emergency.

The family has contacted the Times in the hope of finding the potential witness as they look to better understand their loved one’s final moments.

Adam Winfield.

Mr Winfield recalled the grief of his sibling being in a coma in intensive care for three weeks.

He contracted a chest infection, which caused trouble with his breathing and led to pneumonia.

“Adam was running a very high fever,” he said.

“After two weeks in ICU he suffered a heart attack. He was resuscitated but this proved fatal for any chance of recovery.”

Mr Winfield said it was clear Adam, who had planned to propose to his long-term partner in November, had picked up speed in the 150m from where he left the road to where he crashed.

He said he and his brother had ridden motorcycles their whole lives and he could not understand why he would not have braked.

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The woman who helped Adam said she yelled out for help to a man sitting on a motorbike under a tree across the road but he did not acknowledge the plea.

Mr Winfield does not think the rider had anything to do with the crash but believes he would have seen what happened.

“For him not to come forward or even to go over and help the woman, it’s a bit strange to me,” he said.

The ambiguity around the incident has made the grieving process all the more difficult for the family.

They had not received a report from the coroner more than two months after his death.

“I try not to think about it too much because it starts getting to me,” Mr Winfield said.

“Everyone is trying to deal with it in their own way. I think my dad has come to terms with it and he wants answers,” Mr Winfield said.

Police confirmed investigators were looking for a “particular motorcyclist who may have seen the crash”.

A spokeswoman said the man, thought to be in his mid to late 40s, was on a dark motorcycle.

He was wearing a black leather jacket and a full-face helmet with dark visor.

The Winfields are offering a reward for information that leads to the witness.

Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.