Friendly kelpie back from injury and in need of owners

Justin needs a home.
Justin needs a home.

The Dogs’ Refuge Home in Shenton Park rescued Justin late last year after he was surrendered with a torn ligament that required expensive surgery.

The refuge organised the surgery and he has since been resting with foster carer Nat Bowden and her three housemates.

“Because of the long time needed to recover from his surgery, Justin would have been forced to be in a small cage by himself most of the day at the Dogs’ Refuge Home,” she said.

“We offered to welcome him into our home, because there are four of us here and there’s always someone home to be with him.

“We’ve totally fallen in love with Justin; he’s a good boy with a great temperament, although he is very energetic and boisterous and needs mental stimulation.

“He is a stunning dog to look at – he is very handsome and reminds me of Red Dog.

“Justin is such an affectionate boy; he’ll happily sit with us on the lounge and is happy to have downtime with his toys, but he is also very social.

“He probably needs to be adopted by a person or family who are active and who would enjoy taking him for daily walks, exercising at the dog beach and playing in the backyard.”

For details about fostering Justin, email