Fully sick shopping trolley go-kart for sale on Facebook

Photo: Facebook.
Photo: Facebook.

DO you long for your own high powered shopping trolley capable of reaching speeds approaching 60km/h? With its own cup holder?

Well read on friends.

One Iluka man is offering this fully custom built, 6.5hp shopping trolley go-kart for sale.

According to the seller the car features a “straight header pipe (shoots flames), pod filter, crankcase filter, upgraded valve springs and billet rod”.

It also boasts a “40mm go kart racing axle and slick racing tyres”.

According to the seller the vehicle has a top speed of 56km/h and he described the sale as “regretful”.

There’s no telling if it’s legal, or where it would rank on the Choice safety scale given it doesn’t look as though there are any airbags.

But it sure looks like it could be fun trundling to the shops in it.