Goat ride picture result of cycling team kidding around

Goat ride picture result of cycling team kidding around

SEVEN hours, 203km and a goat made for a fun day of riding for Ben Jones.

The ECU Joondalup corporate communications officer joined his fghtclb.cc amateur cycling team members on an adventure to create a “route of epic proportions” on Sunday.

Responding to questions on website Reddit, Jones said they chose a goat because they are “badass” and “an easy animal to draw in profile”.

“Also, there’s so many awesome goat puns and my partner is about to give birth to our first child and it was something fun to do before I have a ‘kid’,” he joked.

Jones told readers he planned the route using the fitness app Strava.

“You drop a bunch of waypoints along roads and make it all join up into a picture,” he said.

“I’m not much of an artist so I had a picture of a goat on a second screen to help me.

“Once it’s planned, you export it to a GPS device.”

He said the cyclists averaged just under 30km/h, stopping for “food, nature breaks and a couple of flat tyres”.

The team is now looking for suggestions for their next challenge.