Coach finds quirky incentive to motivate athletes

Brian Pozzi with athletes he coaches.
Brian Pozzi with athletes he coaches.

A GREENWOOD coach used a quirky incentive to motivate his athletes to achieve personal bests this season.

Brian Pozzi (74) set up a competition with his Little Athletics group for the person who registered the highest number of personal best runs to shave the moustache he has worn for 50 years.

Max Johnston shaving Brian Pozzi’s moustache.

Iluka athlete Max Johnston won the challenge with six personal bests for the season and separated Pozzi from his mo at the last training night at Penistone Reserve in Greenwood.

Pozzi said despite having a moustache for five decades, his clean-shaven look was barely noticed at first.

“From a physical aspect, I had no idea the mo was gone… until I felt with my hands,” he said.

“Astonishingly, when I met up with friends, none even noticed.

A clean-shaven Brian Pozzi.

“At a granddaughter’s birthday party, it took about an hour-and-a-half for one of the other granddaughters to say ‘hey Buppa, have you shaved of your moustache?’

“Only then did all the exclamations erupt.

“Amazing, the lack of observation – none of them had ever seen me without it.”