Joondalup Councillor Corr calls it quits but others seek re-election

LONG-time City of Joondalup councillor Brian Corr has decided not to run at next month’s local government election.

He was the only councillor who was up for re-election not to nominate, leaving two candidates to contest the South-East Ward.

With one vacancy in each of the six wards, it will also be a two-horse race in the North Ward, while the Central and North-Central wards will be most contested with five nominations in each.

South and South-West wards have three candidates each.

Returning officer Michaela Miller said the 20 nominations received were on par with the last election in 2013 when the six wards were also contested, with 22 nominations received plus two for the mayoral position.

She said the nomination process had “all run very smoothly so far” with the online system making it easy for candidates to throw their hat in the ring.

In 2013, the City of Joondalup had 107,845 electors with 23,797 returned packages; a rate of 22.1 per cent, which she said was low compared to other metropolitan councils.

Electors should receive ballot papers and candidate profiles from September 24, with votes counted on October 17.

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Central Ward       

Geoffrey Amphlett

Sheridan Young

Russell Poliwka

Steven Laing

Peter Rowlands

North Ward       

Tom McLean

Mary O’Byrne

North Central Ward       

Sam Thomas

Nige Jones OK

David Tippett

Mitchell Sideris

Trona Young

South Ward       

Teresa Ritchie

Sophie Dwyer

Justin Pereira

South East Ward       

John Logan

Jim Benson-Lidholm

South West Ward       

Mike Norman

Michael Sparks

Mehdi Azarian