Joondalup father’s son inspires Pirate Day Friday fundraiser

Nathan Colgan and son Conor.
Picture: Clip Media Motion
Nathan Colgan and son Conor. Picture: Clip Media Motion

JOONDALUP father Nathan Colgan is encouraging people to take part in his Pirate Day Friday initiative to raise funds for childhood brain cancer research.

Mr Colgan started the initiative after learning his then five-year-old son Conor had an aggressive brain tumour in 2014.

Now in its third year, the national initiative encourages people to dress up like pirates on June 9 and raise funds for research.

“The more I read up on the disease, the more heartbroken I became,” Mr Colgan said.

“I discovered that for every two children diagnosed with a brain tumour, one will sadly lose their life. And the ones that do survive often have severe lasting side effects.

“The only way to change this is to put more funding into scientific research.”

Last year more than 500 schools and early learning centres in Australia, along with workplaces, got involved. Since Pirate Day Friday started in 2015, organisers have raised more than $200,000.

All funds raised from the campaign, held by The Adventurers and The Kids’ Cancer Project, go to childhood brain cancer research.

“It’s great to have a bit of fun to fundraise despite the serious nature of kids’ cancer,” The Kids’ Cancer Project founder Col Reynolds said.

“Many people aren’t aware that the causes of childhood cancer are unknown, that there is no prevention and that research is the only way to improve treatments and survival.”

The Adventurers director Matt Fitzgerald’s daughter Abby (7) has been in remission from brain cancer for two years and he encouraged people to get involved in the fundraiser.

“The most significant issue for families affected by childhood cancer is the continued existence of a disease for which there are no solid answers,” he said.

“The focus of The Adventurers and The Kids’ Cancer Project is the same – to find the answers and cure.

“Getting involved in Pirate Day Friday on June 9 allows everyone to become a contributor in making possible the medical research which ensures the improvement of diagnoses, treatment and ultimately cure.”

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