Joondalup resident appeals for help to feed, sterilise cats living near rail line

Eva Philippson (Joondalup) feeding stray cats. Pictures: Martin Kennealey d489745
Eva Philippson (Joondalup) feeding stray cats. Pictures: Martin Kennealey d489745

A JOONDALUP resident is appealing for help to sterilise feral cats near the rail line.

Eva Philippson (68) said she and three other women have been feeding cats that live in the rail reserve north of Joondalup station, trapping them and getting them sterilised to reduce the number of kittens.

Eva Philippson, of Joondalup, with her cat Gypsy.

“Recently we have counted 12 kittens from seven pregnant mums and two more still to have babies,” she said.

“Last Sunday, a local fireman risked everything and went out on a ledge above the tracks and handed us a very small black and white kitten.

“We would really like some help in homing and sterilising these cats.

“We feed and water these animals every evening – we pay for the majority of food.

One of the stray kittens.

“Any donations would be greatly appreciated and directed straight to help these cats.”

They receive support from the 9 Lives Cat Rescue group, whose volunteers also regularly feed and trap the cats.

Despite their efforts, Mrs Philippson said some people seemed to still “need to hurt animals”.

“On Monday evening, transit police came and told us that kittens were being thrown on the railway tracks,” she said.

“I don’t know why people are cruel to animals; I can’t understand it.”

One of the stray cats.

As well as five cats she adopted through Cat Haven, Ms Philippson has a couple of kittens at home that she has been caring for until they are old enough to be sterilised.

Donations can be made at .