Joondalup Wolves excited by new stadium

The Wolves’ new stadium under construction. Picture: Martin Kennealey d469818
The Wolves’ new stadium under construction. Picture: Martin Kennealey d469818

THE future’s bright for the Joondalup Wolves.

Chief executive Cameron Britt outlined the progress of the State Basketball League club’s new stadium at the Venues West-run Arena Joondalup.

Britt was speaking at the weekend on community radio station 89.7FM.

“The stadium is tracking really well,” he said.

“A fabulous new community asset for the region will be complete by September 20.

“We’ve had a co-operative relationship, a very consultative relationship with Venues West. It will be a fabulous facility for our membership – and I don’t say this flippantly but I would say, our long-suffering membership – because they have had to play out of our beloved Joondalup Basketball Stadium for 34 years.

“But what we will be moving to is very much a contemporary, state-of-the art and far more suitable home for basketball and for our very patient and resilient 3000-plus membership base.

“September 20 will be ‘down tools’.

“From then, there will be a period of training and familiarisation for staff, board and stakeholders.

“We’ll have an official launch… it will take the shape of a pretty significant celebration.

“That will probably mark the public ‘go-live’ moment.

“We do have the opportunity to possibly live out our 2017 calendar year in our current stadium and then approach ‘new year, new stadium, new basketball year’ from 2018.

“But that will become clearer in the coming weeks and months.”

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