Kingsley couple to drive cross country for Cancer Council in 2019 S***box Rally

Trevor and Donna Mountford (Kingsley). Photo: Martin Kennealey
Trevor and Donna Mountford (Kingsley). Photo: Martin Kennealey

DRIVING across the country may already seem like a challenge for many, without the added hurdle of doing it in a car worth only $1000.

But that’s what Kingsley couple Donna and Trevor Mountford will be doing this year when they take part in the 2019 S***box Rally to raise money for the Cancer Council.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the charity rally that will see about 250 cars worth no more than $1000 drive from Perth to Sydney via Uluru over 10 days from May 8 to 17.

Described as a “fun, colourful, unpredictable adventure”, not a race, participants travel at their own pace in smaller groups.

“Vehicles often break down but we never leave anyone behind and each night is spent camping beneath the stars and celebrating the day’s achievements,” organisers said.

The Mountfords will take part in a 1997 Toyota Corolla they have named George after Mr Mountford’s dad who died of lung cancer when his son was just 15.

“So we feel as though George is going to guide us across the desert and look after us,” Mrs Mountford said.

She said while looking for a car they came across “some serious wrecks” and because they are not “mechanically-minded” they needed to ensure they had a safe vehicle.

“We had been advised that Corollas were fairly bomb proof,” she joked.

“It’s in pretty good nick and the air-conditioning is like a fridge.

“It was also blue before we sprayed it to make it look more like a rally car.”

Mrs Mountford said they decided to take part after seeing a video about the rally.

“It just looked like an amazing way to raise money for the Cancer Council,” she said.

“We have two very close friends who have passed away from breast cancer so we just want to help make a difference and help find a cure.”

Each year thousands of people apply to take part in the rally, with this being the fourth time the Kingsley couple had tried.

“We are looking forward to raising as much money as we can first and foremost, but also the whole adventure,” Mrs Mountford said.

“We have never driven across different states but because there will be hundreds who have done it before, we feel comfort in knowing they have our back.

“Already we know we will do it again and have made friends for life.”

To take part, all teams must raise a minimum of $5000 for the Cancer Council.

Through various events, raffles, sponsors and donations, the couple has already surpassed this and raised almost $6100, with a goal of reaching $7500.

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