Lakeside Joondalup evacuated on Thursday night

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Stock image.

LAKESIDE Joondalup shopping centre was evacuated on Thursday night, after a sprinkler head was knocked off in the carpark.

A spokeswoman for the centre said the incident occurred about 6pm when a car struck the sprinkler, causing a stream of water to flow from the top level of the carpark into the first floor.

The incident triggered a direct alarm to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, who attended the centre.

David Ham was getting a haircut when he was told he would have to leave the centre.

“At Lakeside Joondalup shopping centre getting a haircut when the fire alarm goes off,” Mr Ham wrote on Facebook.

“Everyone is standing around in the car park and I have half a haircut.”

One Reddit user said the broken sprinkler had flooded the top carpark area.