Late night street fight gets minimal fine

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A WOMAN was lucky to receive a minimal fine for kicking another woman outside a kebab shop in Joondalup after a night out.

Jessica Rose Neat (27) pleaded guilty to assault in Joondalup Magistrate’s Court on Friday morning.

Magistrate Sandra De Maio said she would only hand down a $500 fine because Neat’s sister, who was also charged following the assault, received the same fine.

“You’re lucky your sister was first because I would have fined you at least $1000,” she said.

The court heard that between 2.30am and 3am on June 15, Neat and her sister were at Kosmos Kebabs on Grand Boulevard and had a verbal altercation with a group of about 10 younger females outside.

The prosecutor said the victim was sitting on the ground and yelled at the sisters to leave them alone.

They started to “argue and insult the victim” before Neat pulled her sister away.

However, her sister returned and punched the victim in the face causing her to fall back.

Her sister struck again before Neat “joined in by kicking the victim”, which is the subject of the assault charge.

There were several “scuffles” that followed before the victim walked away.

The victim then returned to get her mobile phone and, after further scuffles, managed to film the sisters to use as evidence.

The prosecutor said the victim suffered a black eye, swollen cheek and ear, scratches and bruises and a small thumb injury.

While Neat’s lawyer said the victim was also being abusive and the sisters were sitting on the road waiting for an Uber, facing away from the group, Ms De Maio said the behaviour was “undignified”.

“At 27 it’s time to start adulting,” she said.

“You can’t be doing this sort of thing.

“It’s not hard to ignore drunken comments.

“It takes a bit of maturity and perhaps that was lacking.

“Your behaviour was deplorable and shouldn’t be done in public streets.

“Don’t do this again. You’re above this.”

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