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Kyle Gillespie’s photo at Pinnaroo Point, Hillarys.
Kyle Gillespie’s photo at Pinnaroo Point, Hillarys.

LIGHTNING flashes lit up the sky across Perth on Saturday evening, inspiring photographers to pull out their cameras.

Kyle Gillespie, of Komocean Photography, took photos at Pinnaroo Point, Hillarys, capturing the ghostly figures of beach fishers during his long exposures.

“After hearing some thunder and seeing some flashes towards the horizon while the sun was about to set, I decided to head down to the beach,” he said.

The Kallaroo resident said there he saw an intense lightning storm heading towards the coast while the sun was just about to dip below the horizon. “I set my camera on a tripod just behind groups of people fishing and just sitting there enjoying the sunset,” he said.

“While using a 30-second shutter speed I was able to capture the lightning in the sky, the colours from the sunset and also the movement of the fishermen on the beach at Pinnaroo Point.

“After the storm passed me I went to Sorrento Beach to watch it wrap down towards Fremantle.”

As seen below, Jess Parsons took a photo of the storm approaching through the orange-tinted sunset from Claytons Beach in Mindarie.

Jess Parsons’ photo