Low start to postal vote in Joondalup council election

Voters can return ballot papers by post.
Voters can return ballot papers by post.

ABOUT 8000 people, or 7 per cent of electors, in the City of Joondalup have returned postal ballot papers so far in this month’s council election.

Figures from the WA Election Commission showed 8043 of the 111,887 electors across the City had returned election packaged by October 9.

The lowest return rate so far was in the South Ward where 4.31 per cent, or 668 packages had been received from the potential 15,498 voters who have a choice of six candidates for the seat.

In the South-West Ward, 4.94 per cent, or 982 of 19,886 electors’ ballots had been returned from ratepayers choosing between seven candidates.

The return rate was 7.38 per cent, or 1601 of 21,684 electors in the North Ward, where there are three candidates.
So far about 7.69 per cent, or 1269 of 16,495 electors in the South-East Ward have returned their votes for one of four candidates.

The Central Ward’s return rate was 9.04 per cent, or 1592 of 17,605 electors by Wednesday, with four candidates contesting the seat.

In the North-Central Ward, the rate was fractionally higher at 9.32 per cent, or 1931 of 20,719 electors, who have seven candidates to choose from.

Results of the election will be counted on October 19 and election packages should have arrived in letter boxes in late September or early October.

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