Marmion Primary students create a greener future

Marmion Primary School students planting in the local dunes.
Marmion Primary School students planting in the local dunes.

MARMION Primary School has been recognised for its positive contribution to the environment.

The school was recently named runner-up in Canon’s 2016 Environmental Grants Program, receiving $1000 worth of Canon equipment to help with the school’s sustainability efforts.

Students take part in a cultivation workshop where 600 native seeds and cuttings of dune species are planted in an effort to sustain the local coastal ecosystem and promote awareness of erosion damage among the wider school community.

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Every year, students from Year 4 propagate these seeds and take cuttings of native coastal plants.

The process of seed propagation takes one year, meaning students must wait for their plant to grow before planting it at the local sand dunes when they are in Year 5.

“This practice promotes the understanding that sustainable practices can bear positive results on the environment, as well as a sense of ownership and pride in growing their own plant,” principal Ian Herbert said.

“Being able to document the progress of this growth and planting at the dune site will fill the students with a sense of pride and enable them to share results with their peers.”