Marmion: WA Police have concerns for possible boat mishap

The fuel tank.
The fuel tank.

ITEMS found floating in the ocean off Marmion today have prompted concerns from Water Police of a possible stricken boat.

Police media spokesman Sam Dinnison said a red portable fuel tank and a grey seat cushion were found 1km to 2km off shore.

160905 Marine Search Operation - Image 2
The foam was found floating separately from the container.

A black container and some pieces of foam, floating separately, were also found.

“Water Police, Whitfords Volunteer Marine Rescue, Fremantle Sea Rescue and Department of Transport vessels, with the assistance of a Police Air Wing aircraft, are scouring the area searching for any clues that may indicate whether or not there is anyone in distress,” he said.

Officers are hoping members of the public might recognize the items.

Police are seeking information from anyone who knows of any seafarers who have gone boating near Marmion today but not returned.

Call police on 131 444.