Pole position: Mullaloo couple annoyed by streetlight in their driveway

Homeowners built their Mullaloo driveway around the street light pole.
Homeowners built their Mullaloo driveway around the street light pole.

WITH a name like Precision Avenue, it may seem laughable that a street light pole can be located precisely in the middle of a driveway.

But that is the case at the house at the junction of Precision Avenue and Meridian Drive in Mullaloo.

Speaking on television last night, homeowners Nancy and Antonio Grasso said the pole was a “hazard” and they struggled every day to get both of their cars onto the road without crashing into it.

“If we have visitors, we always have to say to them to mind the post,” Mrs Grasso said.

“We were going to put a flag there or something to remind them when they reverse.”

“The post is very dangerous there; someone is going to knock it down and get electrocuted,” Mr Grasso said.

However, building the driveway around the light pole was their own idea.

Joondalup chief executive Garry Hunt said the grandparents had undertaken demolition and building works on their property and the street light had been in place prior to these works.

Google Street View shows the pole on the verge of the property in 2010, remaining on the vacant site in 2014, then in the middle of a new driveway in 2015.

A Google Street View image of the site in January 2010.
A Google Street View image of the site in June 2014.
A Google Street View image of the site in August 2015.

Mr Hunt said the City approved the construction of a driveway that “did not impact at all on the light pole”.

“However, the driveway construction deviated from the approved plan incorporating the light pole into the crossover and verge area, which has caused the current unfortunate situation,” he said.

“For the pole to be removed from its current location, the City would have to give approval to Western Power for them to undertake the relocation works.

“However, as the street light is currently in the optimal location to ensure the best lighting of the intersection, and for the safety of vehicles and pedestrians using the intersection, the City would not grant this approval.”

He said the City had also received several inquiries from residents “expressing their concern that the pole should not be moved from its current location”.

Mr Hunt admitted the light was currently not working but said Western Power was not able to fix it because of the driveway.

“The City will work with the homeowners to ensure their driveway is modified to meet the relevant approvals, which will also enable Western Power to complete the energising works on the light,” he said.

A Western Power spokesman confirmed they were working with the City to find a safe way to repair the street light.

“Earlier this year we finished a work project to upgrade the underground network that was affecting street light performance along Meridian Drive,” he said.

“Access to this final section of underground cable is blocked due to a non-compliant part of the home’s driveway being built around the existing pole.

“The City of Joondalup is working with the owner of the property to rectify the compliancy issue and once this is done we will be able to repair the street light.”

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