Opportunity to be involved in important cancer study: Cancer Council Australia

THE Cancer Council’s Australian Breakthrough Cancer Study will be promoted at this weekend’s Relay for Life at Arena Joondalup.

The study will investigate the causes of cancer and other diseases, and calls for Australian residents aged 40 to 74 years who have never been diagnosed with cancer, other than non-melanoma skin cancer, to take part.

Cancer Council WA staff at the relay will offer water bottles, postcards and brochures as reminders as well as a follow-up email.

Project manager Theresa Whalen said using the latest genetic technologies, the study would investigate the role genes, lifestyle and environment play in the development of disease.

“By more accurately predicting cancer risk based on an individual’s genetic profile and lifestyle, we will be able to deliver more customised health advice and better targeted public health messages,” she said.

People can complete online questionnaires about their residential history, the history of cancer in their family, their health, lifestyle and diet. They can provide a saliva sample for DNA analysis with a kit posted to them and returned by reply paid post.

The study is managed by the Cancer Epidemiology Centre at Cancer Council Victoria.

Visit www.abcstudy.com.au.

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