Rescue dog brings huge rewards

Michelle Gaynor with her much-loved rescue dog Boo.
Michelle Gaynor with her much-loved rescue dog Boo.

The RSPCA rescued her bull terrier-cross Billie Boo Bear (Boo) four years ago after a previous owner left the dog weighing 9kg.

Ms Gaynor and her family adopted Boo with the support of veterinarians and dog trainers, who helped build her confidence and increase her weight to 24kg.

“We have always had rescued animals and I’ve always supported RSPCA WA, but adopting Boo was a real eye-opener,” she said.

“To have a dog that had come from such a bad background, how troubled and anxious she was because of what had been done to her showed me how important their job is – they literally saved her life.

“The absolute joy that Boo brings to our family is unexplainable. She is still an anxious dog and it takes time to gain her trust, but with us, she is loving, gentle and sweet 100 per cent of the time and I wouldn’t swap her for the world.

“I have often wished that we had found her as a puppy and that she had never experienced the life she did before she became a part of our family.”

Ms Gaynor will have her head shaved on March 20 to support the RSPCA, and wants to raise more than $1500. To donate, visit