Retailer under fire for trolley ban

Customers have shared their frustration with H&M Joondalup�s policy banning shopping trolleys in the store.

�Shopping trolleys have been found to cause injury, particularly to children, every year and unlike prams do not have regulated safety standards and mandatory requirements,� a H&M spokesperson said.

�Further to this, shopping trolleys are designed with wider aisles in mind and unfortunately our stores are not built to accommodate this, which can create an unsafe environment.

�We understand some individuals need assistance with walking and therefore we do review each inquiry on a case by case basis and work with the centre which can provide mobility assistance vehicles when needed.

�Our first priority is providing the safest shopping environment possible for all of our customers, however we will continue to review our guidelines.�

A Lakeside Joondalup spokesperson said they were aware of the policy and had passed on customer feedback to H&M�s head office.

�H&M does allow prams and wheelchairs and has lift access inside the store to ensure all customers are accommodated,� they said.