Schools urged to get funding

The City provides $25,000 each year as part of the Environmental Development Community Funding Program to help with projects, events and activities that increase awareness of environmental issues, promote positive behaviour and protect the City’s natural areas.

North Woodvale has received funding twice.

In 2014, the school received $1500 to undertake an eco audit, which investigated the school’s energy, water and gas use and made recommendations for efficiencies to save the school money and reduce its environmental footprint.

Recommendations included retrofitting the school with LED lighting, which the school received funding for last year, and only turning gas heater lights on during terms two and three.

The School’s P and C is also in the process of funding the replacement of the canteen’s industrial freezer with upright or chest freezers and the school will be installing push button taps to reduce the amount of water wasted by leaving taps on.

Joondalup Mayor Troy Pickard praised the school for its proactive approach to environmental sustainability and encouraged other local schools to get on board.

As well as environmental funding, schools and groups can also apply for funding in community development, sport and recreation and culture and the arts.

The next round of community funding opens on February 29.

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