Sea container policy gets more leeway

The City does not currently have any specific guidelines or policies on the use of sea containers but because of their bulk and appearance, their use is considered to have a negative visual effect on the surrounding area, particularly in residential areas, and can affect vehicle sightlines.

In December, the council considered a report on the use of sea containers for storage on verges and private properties.

The draft policy was advertised for three weeks with one submission in favour received.

The policy prohibited the use of sea containers in residential, urban, civic and cultural, and rural zones, allowed the permanent use in commercial, business, industrial and centre zones subject to criteria being met, and allowed the temporary use in all zones for storage associated with building construction or the loading and unloading of goods.

Following two recent State Administrative Tribunal decisions, the draft policy was reviewed.

It was recommended rather than just a blanket ban on the permanent use of sea containers in residential and similar zones, the policy should also cover potential situations where sea containers would have no effect on the amenity of the surrounding area.

It was proposed to modify the draft policy to state sea containers were not supported in residential and similar zones unless not visible from the street and were clad with materials and colours that blended in with existing buildings on the property.