Seniors learn about technology at Woodvale Library’s Digi Drop-in sessions

Volunteer tutor Tom Rollo (Sorrento). Photo: Martin Kennealey
Volunteer tutor Tom Rollo (Sorrento). Photo: Martin Kennealey

VOLUNTEER Tom Rollo says his age helps him teach seniors how to use computers, tablets and phones.

As well as volunteering in the one-to-one Keystrokes program, Mr Rollo runs fortnightly Digi Drop-In sessions at the City of Joondalup’s Woodvale Library.

“It is about helping people to use computers, tablets and phones as well as discussing side issues such as apps for travel, photo management, internet plans, etc,” he said.

“We are different to the usual type of lesson provided because we are older people – I am late 70s – who are quite patient, not uni gurus who speak a different language.

“We listen to the group and respond to the issues that are raised and do not hesitate to repeat the solution several times.

“We use the large smart screen in the library and can show the computer and iPad workings for all to see.”

According to the City, seniors are forging friendships while learning to embrace new technology.

Mayor Albert Jacob said Mr Rollo shared his tech knowledge with participants and taught at a pace and level that suited older residents during the two-hour sessions.

“The Digi Drop-In is a valuable social networking event that helps build friendships and a sense of community, especially for older residents who live alone,” Mr Jacob said.

“Participants are taught how to video chat with family and friends which can make an enormous difference to the lives of older residents, boosting their sense of belonging and overall well-being.”

The Digi Drop-In workshops are held on the first and third Friday in each month from 9.45am to noon, with the next planned for March 1.

Call 9400 4180 for more information.