Sorrento: Sacred Heart College wants to hire out its facilities

A site map from Sacred Heart College's proposal to hire out several of its facilities.
A site map from Sacred Heart College's proposal to hire out several of its facilities.

SACRED Heart College is again hoping to be able to hire out its facilities to non-school groups.

In May 2017, the City of Joondalup received an application for a ‘place of assembly’ land use to allow the Sorrento school to hire out its performing arts building and recently-constructed gym to non-college community groups.

Following community consultation, the council refused the request in September 2018.

When the performing arts building and newer gym were approved, it was on the condition they would not be used for non-school purposes without prior approval from the City.

However, the City was told the school had not been adhering to this condition and so the school was advised to apply for the land use.

Neighbouring residents opposed the application with traffic, parking noise and antisocial behaviour concerns.

However, the school advised its intent was to hire the facilities for dance schools, choirs, musicals, guest speakers, art displays and sporting clubs – not for private functions like 18th and 21st birthday parties, with a maximum of 25 events a year.

The school has since appealed the council’s decision through the State Administrative Tribunal.

As part of the review, the school has requested to also be allowed to hire out its old gym, chapel and oval to non-college community groups, and has modified the event management plan.

The land use has also been modified to ‘community purpose’ in line with the gazettal of the City’s new local planning scheme.

The City is seeking feedback on the modified proposal until March 27 via or PO Box 21, Joondalup WA 6919.