Speed limit change raises concerns

Speed limit change raises concerns

Main Roads temporarily reduced the speed limit to 60km/h on the Burns Beach Road freeway on-ramp in early January as part of the freeway extension works but Steven Emsley said motorists should have been warned.

“I’ve been driving since I was 16 (but) the first day I went on, I didn’t notice it,” he said.

“It should have been gradual.

“There should have been markings on the road warning people.”

Mr Emsley said he had seen a police officer with a speed camera targeting the area, which he thought was wrong.

“It’s an easy pinch I suppose but I don’t think it’s right for motorists,” he said.

“I just think prior warning should have been given in this particular instance.”

He was also concerned the Main Roads website did not list the speed limit change until after he contacted them.

Main Roads spokesman Dean Roberts said the speed limit was reduced to 60km/h on the on-ramp and to 80km/h on the Mitchell Freeway northbound between the off-ramp and Moore Road but the off-ramp remained at 70km/h.

“There is an active work area adjacent the on- and off-ramps to Burns Beach Road and construction vehicles are regularly accessing the site via the ramps, necessitating the reduced speed limit,” he said.

“Signage is in place to advise road users of the speed limit in accordance with the approved traffic management plan and Australian standards.

“This signage includes ‘Road Works Ahead’ signs in advance of the speed zone change.”

Mr Roberts said Main Roads was only required to advertise permanent speed limit changes.

“We recommend people keep up-to-date with the latest changes to road conditions associated with the project by subscribing to Main Roads’ website,” he said.

The department had received reports of drivers receiving infringements for speeding in the area but had not asked for WA Police officers to be present there.