State Government to take over Ocean Reef Marina project

The State Government will take over the Ocean Reef Marina redevelopment project.
State Government to take over Ocean Reef Marina project
The State Government will take over the Ocean Reef Marina redevelopment project.

THE State Government today announced it will take over the lead role of the Ocean Reef Marina project.

Last October, the City of Joondalup council requested the government take over the project because the City does not have the capacity and resources to build the marina on its own and would need the State Government or a public or private partnership to develop the facility.

“The government taking on this role will provide the required momentum to this long-awaited project and assist the City of Joondalup in bringing its goal of developing a marina to fruition,” Joondalup MLA Jan Norberger said.

“Ocean Reef Marina represents a rare opportunity for coastal land to be developed into a significant facility that encompasses high levels of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

“The fact LandCorp has been asked to prepare a detailed business case for cabinet by the end of the year highlights the importance that the State Government places on this project.”

Joondalup Mayor Troy Pickard welcomed Lands Minister Terry Redman’s announcement, saying it was the most significant milestone achieved in the history of the project.

“The City has spent a number of years and invested significant financial and human resources in developing the Ocean Reef Marina concept plan and undertaking numerous studies, investigations and reviews required for development,” he said.

“Now the project has advanced to a position where the City, in association with the State Government, determines how the project can best be progressed to construction stage.

“The City has completed the complex and necessary preparatory work on the Ocean Reef Marina and we now look forward to working with LandCorp.”

The City is currently working on the environmental and planning approvals for the project via an amendment to the Metropolitan Region Scheme boundary and a public environmental review of the marine-based components.

It has submitted the relevant documents to the Environmental Protection Authority for consideration and approval to be released for public comment.

Mr Pickard said the City, as land owner, would still play a significant role in the project to ensure its interests and those of the local community were represented.

“We will still be actively involved in the decision making processes and will work collaboratively with all stakeholders to produce an approved, financially viable and publicly supported project,” he said.

“I can assure all of our residents and ratepayers, who have overwhelmingly supported this development from the outset, the City remains determined to see the Ocean Reef Marina project through to its completion in accordance with their aspirations.”

The State Government, LandCorp and the City of Joondalup will soon sign a memorandum of understanding to formalise the partnership.

WA Labor candidate for Joondalup Emily Hamilton had launched a petition on September 9, calling on the State Government to take over the Ocean Reef Marina development as lead proponent.

She said the Liberal Government went into the 2013 State election promising it would become the proponent.

“The people of Joondalup have waited more than three years… and it still has not been done,” she said.

“It has now been 11 years since Labor first provided money to the City of Joondalup to progress the marina. It is time for a decision.”

The petition also called on the State Government to urgently release the LandCorp assessment of the project.

She said the Planning Minister told Parliament in March that a LandCorp review would be done by mid-2016, at which time the government would decide if they would become the proponent.